THE JOY FACTORY MagConnect Clamp Mount (Sold Without Case)


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Product Information

Carbon Fiber Clamp Mount Only

Experience the most adjustable mount in the industry with the MagConnect Clamp Mount. Its dual carbon fiber arms are lightweight and easily adjustable for users to find the perfect height and angle. The clamp can attach to flat surfaces in a wide variety of settings such as manufacturing production lines, medical office spaces, warehouse stations, and more.

Built with patent-pending MagConnect technology, the Clamp Mount is compatible with any MagConnect case for easy attachment and detachment to maximize the usability of a tablet. From using your tablet as a virtual greeter or shared workstation, The Joy Factory’s Clamp Mount will provide an ergonomic solution for all your uses.

  • Adjusts to fit flat surfaces up to 3.375" thick
  • Built with spherical ball joints and two lightweight carbon fiber arms for near-infinite angle adjustment
  • Magnetic connection for quick mounting and dismounting

Product Specifications

Mount Specifications 
Material: Carbon Fiber 
Weight: 2.6 lbs 
Length: 10.5" arms x 2
Total Span: 27.25" - 30.5" 
Joints: 1" spherical joint at base x 1, 360° joint between arms x 1, 0.79" spherical joint at tablet connection x 1 
Connection: MagConnect 
Base Specifications: Fits flat surfaces up to 3.375" thick


Data sheet

Lenght (cm) 53.34
Width (cm) 2.54
Depth (cm) 2.54
Weight (kg) 1.1
Product type Tablets mount
Compatibility MagConnect
Fixing type Clamp

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MagConnect Clamp Mount (Sold Without Case)

MagConnect Clamp Mount (Sold Without Case)


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