LOCK N CHARGE Safe regeneration station 20 devices - CARRIER 20


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LOCK N CHARGE - CARRIER 20 - Secure regeneration station for 20 mobile devices

Regenerate and safely store up to 20 devices.
The CARRIER 20 Charging Station, placed on a desk or hung on a wall, will allow you to safely regenerate tablets, iPad, Chromebook, Macbook, laptops, etc.
LocknCharge's large location is designed to speed up and enhance the security of your device deployment. It protects your investment in valuable mobile equipment. The welded steel structure, the anchoring kit and the hardened steel padlock effectively protect your equipment during regeneration.
The CARRIER 20 charging station can simultaneously regenerate up to 20 mobile devices (Chromebook, Macbook, laptops and most tablets, with or without a standard enclosure).

Combine style and functionality as the CARRIER 20 Cart is equipped with a progressive closing lid that allows access to equipment from multiple sides and by more than one person at a time

Thanks to the LocknCharge basket system, you share among several classrooms and safely distribute the devices stored in the CARRIER 20 charging station. The baskets are interchangeable with the LocknCharge carts.
The CARRIER 20 charging station is equipped with larger capacity baskets that can accommodate larger units. You can now securely store and distribute Chromebooks, Macbooks, tablets, or iPads up to 13 inches and up. LocknCharge has improved cable management so you can connect an entire charging station in minutes. Save installation time and save time when using your CARRIER 20 charging station.


  • Desk or wall mount
  • Simultaneous regeneration of up to 10 devices
  • Really universal. Compatible Chromebook, Mackbook, Tablets, iPad and Laptops
  • Securing up to 20 devices
  • 2 large LocknCharge baskets included
  • An equipment bay is also included for larger devices
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Stainless steel storage
  • Time saving


  • L 68,2 cm
  • l 58,7 cm
  • H 92,9 cm
  • W 55,5 Kgs


  • The product can store any mobile device
  • Laptops & MacBooks
  • Tablets & iPad
  • Smartphones & iPhone


Data sheet

Lenght (cm) 17,3
Width (cm) 0,7
Depth (cm) 0.85
Weight (kg) 0,014

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Safe regeneration station 20 devices - CARRIER 20

Safe regeneration station 20 devices - CARRIER 20

CARRIER 20 - Safe regeneration station 20 devices