SIAM Single-use atmospheric disinfectant - Aerosol 150 ml One Shot - Made in France


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ONE SHOT ATMOSPHERE DISINFECTANT - 150ml aerosol - Made in France

This indoor disinfectant treats rooms and surfaces that require optimal sanitation and decontamination. It makes the environment healthy and welcoming.

It is extremely effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi that proliferate in our environment every day.

Benefits :

- Stops the proliferation of microorganisms

- Effectively deodorizes the atmosphere by eliminating odors at their source

- Provides action on viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds

- Bactericidal activity in 5min

- Fungicidal activity in 15min

- Effective virucidal activity: Hepatitis B, HIV, coronavirus, influenza virus, filoviradae (Ebola)

- Effective against H1N1 and H5N1 viruses in clean condition

- Acts on all surfaces requiring impeccable cleanliness and for all environmental disinfection problems

- Suitable for communities, shoe rental companies (ski, bowling) ...

Using advice :

Shake well before use. Position the aerosol in the center of the room to be treated. Close the windows. Actuate the push button. Allow the aerosol to drain into the room and act for at least 30 minutes. Ventilate well after use.

Scented alcoholic solution containing active ingredients of a bactericidal and fungicidal nature
Single-use indoor air disinfectant (office, home, etc.) for a surface area of ​​30m3 to be treated.

Regulatory conformity :

Bactericide NF EN 1276,
NF EN 1650 fungicide,
Virucide NF EN 14476 (2013) + A (2015) (H1N1, Corona Virus, Hepatitis B, Influenza Virus)


Data sheet

Lenght (cm) 14.5
Width (cm) 5
Depth (cm) 5
Weight (kg) 0.2
CAR AMZ A Cet aérosol ONE SHOT désinfecte toutes les pièces et les surfaces qui nécessitent un assainissement et une décontamination optimale. Il rend l'environnement sain et accueillant
CAR AMZ B Il est extrêmement efficace contre les bactéries, les virus et les champignons qui prolifèrent chaque jour dans notre environnement
CAR AMZ C Il stoppe la prolifération des micro-organisme. Il désodorise efficacement l’atmosphère en éliminant les odeurs à leur source. Il assure une action sur les virus, bactéries, levures et moisissures
CAR AMZ D une pleine protection parfaitement adaptée pour les collectivités, entreprises de location de chaussures (ski, bowling)...

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Single-use atmospheric disinfectant - Aerosol 150 ml One Shot - Made in France

Single-use atmospheric disinfectant - Aerosol 150 ml One Shot - Made in France